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Memberships & Affiliations

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Community Shares USA (CS USA) is a collaboration of organizations committed to achieving fairness and opportunity for all. We work with employers to offer workplace-based giving campaigns that enable employees to support their communities through volunteering and charitable contributions.

    CS USA member groups from all over the country support a variety of community-based organizations and causes. These members, or federations, play a vital role in advancing social, economic and environmental issues in their own communities.

  • We help nonprofits help their communities. There are thousands of nonprofits in our area – each trying to make a difference on their own. We bring them together so that each member can benefit from our collective strength.

    Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) is the only membership organization in the state dedicated exclusively to working with nonprofits in the Midlands. By connecting organizations with information, education, advocacy and collaboration, we help members focus their energy on the people and communities they serve.

  • Throughout its 25-plus year history, HSF works to continually inform, involve, strengthen, and increase the capacity, awareness, and effectiveness of nonprofits and the nonprofit sector in our community. For our 120+ members, cooperation and collaboration are essential to solving problems while being responsive to community needs and ensuring quality service delivery in health and human services.

    It is our belief that human services should be community-based, accessible, defined, planned, and monitored while valuing effectiveness and professionalism in all we do. Member agencies should be accountable and responsible with resources, while society’s diversity calls us to be inclusive in who we are and what we do through active and consistent participation by all members for the stability and success of HSF.