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Nebraska Children and Families Foundation


Nebraska Children is working to strengthen communities and families to keep children out of the child welfare system, juvenile justice system, etc.


  • $25 helps bring quality STEM learning to afterschool programs.
  • $50 helps a young person receive behavioral health services.
  • $100 helps a young person who has experienced foster care make college a reality.


Barb, a single mom, was being evicted and felt incredibly overwhelmed. She was connected to Community Response (a program supported by Nebraska Children) by a community member.

After conversations with a CR Navigator, Barb was willing to learn new skills and tools for lasting changes. Due to her anxiety, she was connected to counseling. Knowing that she would soon be able to talk to a counselor made her more receptive to addressing other immediate needs.

The CR Navigator worked with her on a budget and forming a sustainability plan. She was encouraged to contact her landlord and communicate her plan to avoid eviction. She was uncomfortable making this call, and as a result, a navigator sat with her while she called her landlord. She asked for some time to work on a plan to get caught up on rent. Her landlord agreed. She was surprised that her landlord was willing to work with her. It illustrated to her that she was a good tenant that he would prefer not to lose, and the importance of open and honest communication.

The CR team then helped to submit a flex-fund request for her past due rent. It was approved and she presented to her landlord the payment and plan to cover the remaining balance. The landlord accepted the proposal. Barb felt so empowered by this outcome. She not only learned how to make a budget, but she also learned she had the ability to advocate for herself.

At the conclusion of her time with CR, she not only accomplished the goals she identified, but also identified personal strengths and learned new skills. She was a totally different woman than when she first entered CR. Working with her CR Navigator, she created a budget that had a positive cash flow at the end of each month; a new job; bankruptcy paperwork completed with affordable payments; her wages no longer being garnished; and an approved hardship waiver against owed taxes, rent, and other bills all while building on her savings plan. She is also working on a nutrition goal and has learned to budget her food costs and meal planning to help stretch her budget. She praised the entire CR team for assisting her with accomplishing her goals.


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