Become a Member Agency

How to Apply

Interested in Becoming a Member Agency?

Agencies interested in membership must begin by submitting a Letter of Intent. You can send us a Letter of Intent anytime between now and early December to let us know that you plan to apply for the 2022 Campaign.  

Letters of Intent should include:

  • Confirmation that the prospective agency has read and fulfills all CSF requirements for membership. 
  • Confirmation that the prospective agency has reviewed the full list of current CSF members.
  • Confirmation that the prospective agency is aware of the financial and time requirements necessary for membership.
  • Confirmation that the prospective agency’s leadership and Board of Directors is supportive of membership in CSF. 
  • Contact name, address and email for the prospective agency.

Interested agencies should submit a letter of intent to apply for CSF membership. Letters are due by 5:00pm, December 10, 2021. 

CSF will review the letters and notify agencies selected to continue with the process by December 13, 2021.


Agencies selected to proceed with the application process will receive the 2022 Membership Application via e-mail. Applications for membership in CSF and participation in the 2022 Campaign are due January 10, 2022.


The Membership Evaluation Committee will invite selected agencies to present a 5-10 minute informational summary followed by a brief question and answer session between January 19 and February 14, 2022. Each meeting will be approximately 30 minutes. Attendees should include: individual who completed the membership application along with the Board Chair or Executive Director.

The Membership Committee will recommend new agencies to the CSF Member’s Council at the February 15, 2022 meeting. All new member agencies will be contacted following that meeting.

To inquire about membership, please contact Melissa at or by phone (402) 475-7759 or with our online contact form.