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Charity Cheer

Bring some Charity Cheer to your loved ones this holiday season! Get out of the gift-giving grind this year and instead give a thoughtful gift while supporting a local charity that appeals to their inner philanthropist.

Charity Cheer is a fresh approach to gift-giving. Make a donation of any size to the participating Community Services Fund charity of your choice as a gift in the name of your loved one.

Does your child love Sesame Street? Consider a donation to NET Television.

Does your grandmother have a sibling that battle alcoholism? Consider a donation to The Bridge at Cornhusker Place, CenterPointe or Houses of Hope.

Does your favorite coworker have a soft spot for animals? Consider a donation to the Capital Humane Society or the Lincoln Children's Zoo.

Does your aunt love art? Consider a donation to Lux Center for the Arts or Lincoln Arts Council.

So many charitable choices are available, you are sure to find the perfect gift. Your loved one will admire it while it strengthens and energizes the community.

Charity Cheer is your one-stop Nebraska-based shopping experience brought to you by Community Services Fund: Strength in Donor Choice.

(Clicking on Charity Cheer will open the iPledge Online giving tool in a new window.)


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