Become a Member Agency

Application Process

The Application Will Include:

  • Agency description and program details.
  • Proof of 501c3 Status.
  • Articles of incorporation (Must be incorporated for a minimum of 3 years with an established record of community service).
  • Bylaws.
  • List of current board members and their professional affiliations.
  • Board giving policy (if applicable).
  • How often the board meets.
  • Financial Reporting Documents, see details below.
  • A diversity or affirmative action statement (contact Community Services Fund for examples if needed).
  • A list of current staff members and the positions they hold.
  • Agency Code of Conduct.
  • Budget for current fiscal year.

After a complete application is received, the Community Services Fund Membership Committee will hold a brief information session with selected agencies. The Board of Directors votes to accept or reject the agency as a member.

Required Financial Reporting Documents:
For agencies with annual operating budgets of $750,000 or more an independent audit will be required, at a minimum, once every three years with an independent review being conducted in the years in between.

For agencies with annual operating budgets, under $750,000, an annual independent review will be required. Additional supporting documentation including the 990, annual operating budgets and financial infrastructure checklist shall be submitted upon request.